Unpopular opinion: Cross-play, Cross-progression, Gunsmith, Free maps, Gunfight, No lootboxes and No P2W store make this game an absolutely huge net win for us despite the major issues with it.

Most of the people, (myself included) who hated the way the maps were designed, the SBMM, the 1 frame deaths and other issues have quit now so the only people really left talking about it are people who are enjoying it. Everyone else has pretty much had enough and moved on. I'm only on here still checking in hope they'll say there's been a netcode improvement, at least, but same problem I had with Infinite Warfare where you die before you even realise you're being shot makes this game unbearable for me. At least around a month after IW was released it was fixed. All the problems (some of us are having and others who aren't simplay can't accept or relate to as it doesn't affect them) still aren't fixed or even seen as a problem in this game so you're probably going to see less negative posts bout it and more positive ones like this cos most who were having problems has just had enough now and admitted defeat. The complaints are valid, just seems the only affect some people more than others. And the people who aren't struggling and can enjoy the game, just seem to slate anyone who complains about their legitimate problems with it.

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