Unpopular Opinion..? D'Antoni deserves more credit for Harden's success than Harden.

lol. Yes, this is true - technically, but you're missing a lot of information. It's not that simple.

Take a look at the 2015 season vs 2017 & 2018 - he won one, second in 2017 but arguably was the MVP over Westbrook IMO.

Steph won in 2015, this was the breakout season for the Warriors and Steph. He was phenomenal that season and Harden was great as well, but other than those two there wasn't any MVP competition. Lebron had a (comparatively) bad season for him, averaging ten year lows in fg%, 3p%, efg%, rebounds, points, (did well in assists), fouls, ft%.

LeBron got 3rd. 2015 MVP race was nothing to note and the superstars had 'subpar' seasons compared to the last three years, so James Harden's season, when compared to how he has played the last 2-3 years, was much worse, but still great.

2016, 9th in MVP voting - no D'Antoni, similar stats to 2015, minor fluctiation.

Then D'Antoni from 2016-17 season on.

Should have beat out Westbrook in '17, won in '18 and will win in '19. We are talking about what should have been (imo) back-to-back-to-back MVP seasons - a feat only done by Bird, Russel and Chamberlain.

Context matters. The superstar MVP candidates since he has had D'Antoni have had much stronger cases and Harden has topped them all. I'm not saying D'Antoni is 100% of this. I'm not saying he's 90%, but I do think that with any other coach in the league..

Harden has NO MVPs. Opinion, of course. This system made Harden into the MVP favorite. It benefits point guards with his skillset more than any other coaching scheme benefits any other player and that is undeniable - Harden has benefited more from the system of his coach than any player in the league and it shows, statistically and with the eye-test.

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