Unpopular opinion: Elder Scrolls VI is going to be a big letdown

Your comparison to Skyrim is incredibly silly in my opinion. You complain about a stealth Archer and making the game too easy. You can't say the same in Fallout? You know, with silenced sniper rifles, and sneak damage from two and a half miles away? Oh, and let's not forget VATS for instantly aiming for their head which you can't do in Skyrim. Additionally, if you're playing on anything other than easy mode which is novice, the game will be dramatically harder than you described even with stealth and bows. for example, I play on at least a depth, but Crank It up to master sometimes on my Archer and it's not like I can just shoot them once and it's done and never have to worry about it again. That's just not how it works at all. Oh, but then fall out, I can grab a fat man and instantly destroy everything in a quarter mile radius with perks. Yeah, that's so challenging and difficult.

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