Unpopular opinion: The Hobbit movies were great

Nah, they are just bad movies. The terrible dialogue, lack of ANY tension in action scenes, Thorin not looking like a dwarf at all, Thorin not being a fleshed out character but mostly just a douche from the scene he’s introduced to the scene he dies. Legolas being apparently magic and able to defy gravity, the stupid barrel river scene (which shouldn’t have been an action scene to begin with) how shitty and boring both Azog and Bolg are (I remember the first time I watched the scene where Azog introduces Bolg just by yelling “Bolg” and I could not believe they introduced ANOTHER shitty orc mini boss and I rolled my eyes so hard they got stuck there until the movie was over. Then there’s the stupid ass studio mandated love triangle, the unbelievable anti-climax that was Smaug’s death, I could literally go on and on.

I love Lord of the Rings and Tolkien’s writing, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Hobbit book, but the Hobbit movies were absolute hot garbage

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