Unpopular Opinion (?): Rachel choosing Ross over her "dream job" in Paris makes perfect sense for her character

Hm, that’s a thought. I don’t really see Carol and Susan being that vindictive, though. Sure, Susan and Ross have a rivalry, but I don’t think they even know enough about Ross’s personal relationships to make that call. It makes sense Ben would appear less on the show, as Emma is introduced and Ross dates, but I don’t get the vibe he was never seeing him. Just, off screen, where his and Ross’s interactions didn’t have much to do with the plot.

I think they may have waited a few months to a year for Ross to finish the year teaching at NYU, and moved later for Rachel’s career. Ben visits, and Carol and Susan may even visit once or twice with him. It’s implied that Susan is a well traveled, intelligent woman.

Or I’m just idealistic, I don’t know.

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