Unpopular /r/movie opinions. What are yours?

(I know I'm late to the party and there's only crushed cans and passed out sluts and I'm one of those weirdos just surveying the scene looking for loose weed, but I feel the need to reply)

Back when me and my buddies were 15-17, Fight Club was our fucking bible.

We watched that movie religiously, we took the stupid shit Tyler Durden spewed as sacred teachings, the whole thing appealed to this nihilist anarchist punk rock bullshit attitude and image we had going on.

And you know what? It really fucked a few of us up really, really badly.

We were all predisposed to drug use anyways, most of us had shitty home lives and one shitty parent in the picture, we hung out in abandoned buildings getting high and circlejerking garbled anti-consumerist philosophy, assured by Fight Club that The Revolution would occur before we were 21 and that we could do something more fun and awesome than work shitty low-wage jobs and walk to work.

And you know what? Two of us took that philosophy into our 20s with us, we hitchhiked halfway across the country to live on the streets of California, and in an abandoned trailer in the Arizona desert for a little while, smoking weed and drinking beer and circlejerking that anti-consumerist nihilist philosophy!

At 22 years old, I owned nothing, I did nothing, I was nothing. AND IT SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKED. So I did the sensible thing-I got off the streets (with a little help), I took 2 jobs, and I fell in love with having my own little sliver of the pie.

Whenever I see kids spewing that Fight Club philosophy now, I remember how I was at 16 and I hope to god they get a grip sooner than I did. When I see college kids spewing it, I want to punch them in the fucking face. When I meet fellow adults who spew that shit, I feel sad. Either phase it out or play it out, don't weakly hold on to it because you can't grow up.

Tyler Durden might have had a point about the perils of mass consumerism and the loss of individuality that you risk by buying into it too much, but I like having Netflix, internet, air conditioning, and a mattress.

I also kind of have a problem with Chuck Pahlaniuk. I tried reading Invisible Monsters and Choke, but he comes off as so artificial. He's writing for shock value, not from experience. Regardless that he writes it well, it's still a bunch of bullshit from a guy who seems like he's never spent a couple weeks sleeping in a San Francisco city park or under a Riverside county bridge.

(I'm not blaming him for my fuck-ups growing up, I'm just saying it makes a hell of an impression on stupid poor kids looking for something to follow)

That short story about the guy ripping half his digestive tract out with the pool drain was pretty fucking awesome, though.

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