Unqualified Impunity: Amy Coney Barrett Once Ruled That a Cop Wasn't Responsible for a Black Teenager's Death Because Breathing Isn't a Constitutional Right

The police officer didn’t fulfill their duties and should be held accountable. Now, I’m not excusing this teenager’s theft or the fact that they were ORIGINALLY armed; however, teenagers are notorious for doing stupid things and making poor decisions. We don’t know this kids past and I’m guessing he’s had a rough one, considering that he was armed and stealing.

With that being said, when an officer arrests someone, that person’s rights to defend themself are completely gone. Their hands are behind them and handcuffed. Having them in a vulnerable position makes it the arresting officers duty to protect them, making that person a liability. For instance, if a fire or mass shooting breaks out, the officer needs to do what they can to save those who cannot help themselves, including those who are confined.

This kid was in the vehicle with his hands behind him. He was showing physical signs of distress and even defected himself. He continuously slipped and obviously needed medical attention, which he did not receive in a timely manner. At this point he was unarmed and no longer a threat, with the gun out of reach. The officers had options but did not exhaust them, putting this individual in a position to die. Should a stupid mistake at 18 cost one their life? No.

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