UNRWA Budget

Okay so here is the thing with taxes robbed from the citizens of the USA. They are wasted on everything but what they are to be used for. For example, I visited Sweden. Got enslaved, escaped, and made it to the USA Embassy in Stockholm. Could they help me even though I'm an American Citizen? No. I had to claim Asylum in Sweden to get a ride to a place where I had the proper paperwork to live and get a job on.

If the US Military/State Department isn't able to do their duty in protecting the citizens of the nation form literal slavery while they are aboard, especially when they show up on their door step.... Heck for that matter our military couldn't stop three separate plans from being slammed into three building, two of them right next to each other, even after being warned by Israel that it was about to happen.

So like what gives you or anyone else the notion that some amount of money stolen from my pay check is going to anything it is intended to go towards? Seriously.

I'm 100% pro-Israel, but this isn't about anti-Palestine or whateves, its about what I lose from my pay check for literally nothing. De-fund all the government including the President and close the whole thing down because frankly I can get better service and more done from a pre-high school graduate working at McDonalds than anyone in our government/civil services/military.

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