Unsure of my [19F] relationship with a guy [22M]

It sounds like you are being manipulated with words—he is telling you a lot of stuff that sounds really nice, but doesn’t add up. For example, he says he has platonic feelings for you, but that makes no sense, because “platonic” literally refers to feelings of affection that do not include sex. If he’s engaging with you sexually, but not offering any commitment, his feelings are NOT “between platonic and love.” Instead, it sounds like he’s trying to figure out how to keep having sex with you without having to make any kind of genuine romantic commitment. To accomplish this, he tosses a lot of language at you about his “fears” or whatever, hoping you won’t realize it’s a bunch of hooey. Also: his insistent need to hear you say “I love you” sounds like a red flag, like he requires constant affirmation from you, even though he offers very little of it in return.

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