‘Untold human suffering’: 11,000 scientists from across world unite to declare global climate emergency. ‘Despite 40 years of major global negotiations, we conduct business as usual and have failed to address this crisis,’ group says.

Because we're powerless compared to them. We need a concerted Hong Kong style effort against the corporatocracy and corrupt governments (basically all of them) if they're just going to sit on their hands and let us all die off so they can ride their positions out a little longer. Problem is, it wouldn't be enough. Things would have to get real messy in order for any real change to occur and I just don't see many in the pacified west willing to risk their lives or perceived freedoms in order to make a difference.

They want this to happen. There will be false-flag style wars and other staged events just to whittle the population down so they can really have the place to themselves with AI replacing a huge portion of humanity.

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