Unvalued Belief: Fortnite started dying the moments the building meta showed up and the skill gap exploded...

Fortnite was an absurd phenomenon back in 2017 ( and most of 2018) because we've never seen a game grow as fast, over a long period of time like it before. In the early seasons everyone loved the game. It didn't matter if you were a CSGO pro, a 6 year old, or a 40 year old father of three. Players of all skill levels were in love with Fortnite early on.

Then, sometime in Season 5/6 the building meta grabbed hold, the skill gap exploded, and Epic tried to make an RNG based game competitive. The result? This subreddit got toxic AF and more importantly, Fortnite has been hemorraging players for the last 11 months. The game simply started to stop being fun for a huge portion of the player base.

It's pretty clear that Fortnite has been run into the ground by Epic and it's competitive players. Hopefully the M.E.C.H. is a sign that Epic realizes it must be fun for the 95% rather than the 5% if it's going to last into 2020 and beyond.

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