Up to date (mostly) ship comparison spreadsheet?

With all due respect, people tend to downvote asking for advice here and/or give advice based on personal grievances. I'm not trying to min/max, nor am I looking for a sheet to say "this does best damage". I'm just wanting to quickly look up ship stats without having to do it individually on the wiki. I have terrible short term memory.

But if I had to choose "something", I guess I kinda like the "niche" strategies that people like to hate on. Like stealth torping, or boats that specialize in HE/fire starting. I'm terrible at landing hits on citadels, so I like finding other ways to do damage or be useful. Like I once chose a DD line just because they got to spam smoke a lot, then I took cap skills to increase that further. Than I ran around keeping smoke up for teammates. It seemed to work really well being a sort of smoke support (more wins than losses), and people thanked me a lot. Anyway, yeah. Those spreadsheets really do help me with finding these kinds of niches.

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