Update 1.8.2 - Launch Summary

come on my friend complete in half or one hour legendary mission if you find good agents in search after half hour no 80% chance to get ... Massive force do daily 5 or 6 legendary mission get you will get by chance 1 piece ... wait in mouth for 2 supply drops 90% no chance to get ... why do to force play globe events if player wont want to play it again again again... complete in 2 or 3 hours 9000 score of global event buy 3 caches of 3000 and you get same pieces again again again and in 1500 caches also included normal pieces and bad exotics and how vendor cache price 2500 lol is this easy to get 5000 credit daily??... everyone know exotic and golden and normal build pieces useless no need to remove that pieces ,,, cant understand Massive didnt done good job with Division 1 and they are making Division 2 this is no Division 2 this is farcry or ghost recon dls Snowdrop in summer what a joke Massive with bad game Division 2

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