[Update 1] My [ex] friend [34f] informed me she will be dropping her kids [11f, 12f, 7m] off tomorrow for me to drive to camp (45min away). [Just in: I am the devil and she is going to destroy my life.]

Here's what the post said (sorry about formatting):

Here is the first installment of Magikarp's Bad Choice in Friends: Episode 1. Thank you everyone. You were right. She was abusive and helping me in the past doesn't give her an excuse to be nasty. And she has turned out pretty nasty. I am ending the friendship and no longer counting her among valuable people in my life. I have learned a lot about myself and my ability to judge people are sane. So I have a therapy session on Friday to discuss boundaries. I hope it goes well. Here is the timeline of what happened today: 6:00 am-- I left the house and went to Starbucks. I had a White Chocolate Mocha, chocolate muffin, and was productive! 7:30 am-- According to the kids, Tay dropped them off and left. Without even knocking on the door. They ended up doing that themselves around 10:30am. 11:00am-- Dad leaves a text message telling me the police came and took the kids. He asked that I stop being friends with Tay, because they don't want to deal with shit like this anymore. I agreed. 11:00am to 7:00pm Had a great day, like a boss. Got everything done I needed to. Didn't even check Tay's messages. I blocked her number, but texts still go through. 7:00pm Kitty (best friend) and I got home from dinner. She insisted we check the messages. And the following are the delightful rantings of a sane and caring person. Texts: [Magikarp] I dropped the kids off. They are in the backyard. Thank you so much. Let me know what I owe you for gas. Joy texted me that you aren’t answering the door. I am at breakfast and really don’t have time for this. Please open the door. They need to be there by noon. You better be taking them to camp. Joy keeps texting me. I don’t have time for this. I am about to go into a meeting. Handle this. I TRIED TO CALL YOU AND YOU ARE NOT ANSWERING YOUR PHONE. You are letting the kids down. I can’t trust you for anything. [Son] is crying and said that he is hungry. You should have kept your word. I need you to keep the kids for the next two days, so please make sure you don’t leave them outside the whole time. We need to talk when I get back about this whole thing. Don’t think I am going to be paying you for your time when you pull shit like this. You should be more than willing to take them out to a movie now tht you have done this. I am not going to be back in town tonight at all. You made this mess, you figure it out. I just finished my meeting and the police called HERE. I look like a monster. I have to come home now to get the kids. You are a complete bitch. Do I never get a break? What was so fucking important you could not take some kids with you? They would have entertained themselves. YOU CALLED THE POLICE?! YOU CALLED THEM? YOU BITCH. NOW I WON'T BE ABLE TO BE AT THE MEEETING AT ALL. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? WHY? IF YOU DON'T ANSWER YOUR PHONE I AM GOING TO THROW IT THROUGH YOUR WINDOW. WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU? VOICE MAILS She pretty much said the same things in the texts. But she also added a few more gems. I owe her $10,000 because that is what her time is worth. I owe her the cost of the camp. I owe her for the career I just ruined. I am a bitch. She went on my FB and saw my check-ins. She screamed about how my HAIR is not worth the therapy her kids will have to go through. Which i Have to pay for. I look like a fat cow in my dress. I ruined a family. I am going to be poor, live in a box, and my parents will die alone because she can't schedule right. I blocked her from FB to "hide" what I am really doing. Kitty finally got sick of the calling and answered the phone. Tay: WHY THE FUCK HAVEN'T YOU ANSWERED YOUR PHONE AT ALL. Kitty: This is Kitty. Tay: I need to talk to her. RIGHT NOW. Do you know what she did? Kitty: I don't care. She doesn't care. Stop calling. And she is still texting me right now what a monster I am. I am so sick of this shit. Friendship over. tl;dr: I have great friends who aren't abusive c*nt nuggets. So I am going to try to nurture healthier relationships. Tay called me a shit ton to tell me how much i fucked her over. Kitty answered the phone for me and told her not to call back unless she can apologize. Had a great day. Going to a wedding tomorrow, so that should be fun.

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