Update: Dead bedroom can’t be fixed

I was stuck in one of them. My ex of 5 years had body image/mental health issues and told me he "feels he is gross" and so he didn't initiate and would reject me when I tried to initiate. I remember crying over it, telling him I felt like he wasn't attracted to me/that I was unattractive because he was rejecting me. At this point in my life I'd NEVEr been rejected by a guy for sex. He reassured me it was a him issue, not a me issue... But that didn't solve our problem. I NEED physical intimacy to feel valued and loved in a relationship. Touch and acts of service are my two top love languages, good sex with good foreplay/cunnilingus falls under both those categories. When I wasn't getting that I felt very unloved no matter how many times he said he loved me...

There were a lot of other reasons why we broke up, but dead bedroom was a large contributing factor.

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