Update for you mobile guys

Every single person who continues to whine and bitch about the delays with 1.5 coming to mobile should hang their heads in shame - ConcernedApe is one of a tiny handful of developers who not only really cares about the quality of the game that he has produced, he also bends over backwards for his customers. Some people need to accept that some things don't always go according to plan and porting Stardew Valley 1.5 to mobile has obviously been incredibly difficult and time consuming for the people he has employed to do the job.

Harassing, berating and being obnoxious to ConcernedApe isn't going to speed up the 1.5 mobile port. Remember that he's still developing his new game and if he's stressed out due to the entitled whiners then that game will also suffer and not be as good as he hopes.

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