[UPDATE] I'm [24/f] pregnant and the father/my partner [31/m] always talks about us getting married, but hasn't popped the question.

First off... Congratulations!!! We are all very excited for you guys and your plus one! Don't worry about the money or how long you've been together. My fiance and I both make nothing and we only met about a year ago. One of my favorite parts of our story is that we met on tinder. Screw what anyone thinks. They can go suck a fat one if it bothers them that much. Somethings are just meant to be. Just make sure to never forget to live, love and laugh. We wish you the most joy in your endeavors and good health to your baby girl.

Also shout out to all of you guys for helping to provide me with the strength and courage which I needed to battle my own doubts. You all are awesome!

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