Update: Logitech G HUB Feedback Form

So my G933 is failing, the poorly protected thinly insulated wiring that goes to the microphone is periodically shorting out and causing static that is solved by violently moving the microphone boom up and down until it stops.

So I purchased a G935 headset to replace it, being as the G933s are not being sold new and i refurb that goes on my head seemed like a bad idea.

Get this new G935 and find out it requires this software. I gave it a try and I hate it.

1) It does not support my 2005 G15 Keyboard.

2) it took control of my G600 and didn't transfer its settings.

3) It's Keybind software doesn't support multi-key functions like the logitech gaming software. I wanted to make a button do CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-M and it appeared the only way to make this function occur is through a macro which does not work for my application.

I Will be returning this headset solely based on how bad this software is, the only reason i buy these headsets is due to the programmable buttons on them. To not be able to utilize them due to poor software support breaking existing settings and having less usability is pointless.

Please just update the logitech gaming software, it has a better foundation for usability, this experience cost me time, money, and happiness, resulting in me to be less likely to buy future products.

And to be clear I never put this headset on and even bothered to listen to them, the software support is just completely unacceptable and a major downgrade as a user for 17 years.

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