UPDATE: I [M23] fucked up and told my gf [F21] of eighteen months that she does the least out of all my exes

Hey, so before I say anything, I want to qualify myself. My current girlfriend and I started dating in sophomore year of high school, 4 months after we first meeting each other. We have been together since then (5 years exactly, come Dec. 28th). I like to think we are the 1% of people who prove love at first sight exists. Anyway, in that time we have had 2 major fights on the scale that yours seems to be. Before me she had dated a bit, but her longest relationship was 4 months. Before her, I had never dated anyone. Needless to say, I was inexperienced at how a relationship worked and I made a lot of mistakes at first. Well, by at first I mean I make constant mistakes to this day. They aren't very big, but at the same time they manage to piss the ever living hell out of my girlfriend from time to time. Anyway, one of our big fights ended in a temporary break up, the other very nearly ended much worse. I won't bore you with the details, this is about you, after all. I've read your posts a couple times over, and here's what I have. She said she didn't want to talk to you, and I understand if you want to go along with that and give her space, but in my opinion (and my girlfriend's) this is a big step in your relationship. A test, sort of. You said she took a bus to her family's house, so I am left to assume she is a reachable distance away. You said you loved her, and if you do, you get in a car, bus, train, plane, bike, or lace on your fucking shoes and WALK if you have to, but you get to her. You talk to her. Right now, as I'm typing this, I bet you 10 to 1 that she is thinking about you. And, I also bet she is mad. You know what is worse than a mad girlfriend? A mad girlfriend who is by herself, with nothing but her own anger towards you to think about. That is NOT what you want. If she really blocked you on phones, email, facebook, whatever, then that leaves only direct contact as a way to communicate. But, before you do anything, you have to ask yourself "Is she worth it?" I promise I'm not trying to be a dick, but that is a reasonable question at this point. Do you truly love her? Is she someone you can imagine yourself spending more time with? Months? Years? If not, let her go. Let her find someone willing to go the extra mile for her. She needs you right now. Trust me, she does. Again, this only applies if you really do love her. And you may be thinking "Well, she says we'll talk when she gets back, and she wants her space, so I'll just wait it out." That is risky, in my opinion. I don't know her, I don't know you, but I do know what I would do in this situation. And that is all I can really do. Tell you what I would do. I hope it helps, even just a little. One last thing, even if the worst does happen, you'll be ok. You fucked up. People do that, it's a part of being human. I'm going to qualify myself again, just to be clear. The conclusion of the first huge fight in my relationship ended in us breaking up. And I was destroyed. Again, it was mostly caused by me, and I paid the price. But I knew more than anything that I loved her. I took what I did wrong, I learned from it, and I fixed it. I made sure to never make the same mistakes again. I was lucky, and she took me back. Learning from your mistakes is a part of life. And even though you are in a terrible place right now, this is not entirely a bad thing. You can use this as an opportunity to see just how much you want (or need) her in your life. I'm sorry for my ramblings. Again, I hope it helps a little. I really, truly do hope things go well for you two.

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