**Update** Me [23 f] with my [31 m] bf of two years pushed me to a place I never thought I could go

character flaws

They're not character flaws. They're character traits. There's nothing inherently negative about them. There's nothing wrong with being submissive, or being optimistic. Having traits like that is not a sign of weakness. But yes, traits like that are typically sought after by abusers because those people tolerate abusive tendencies easier. I could easily add patience to that list, which is typically considered as a virtue by people, rather than a flaw.

Desperate for love is the only one out of my list which you could consider as a character flaw. I never said all victims of abuse are desperate. But yes, being desperate does raise people's thresholds of tolerance of problematic behavior from their partner, which makes them more susceptible to abuse.

I also never said that you have to possess those traits to become a victim. I work in the psychological field as well. I know strong-willed assertive individuals who have found themselves manipulated into being abuse victims.

But I also have seen correlations. And I have seen how abusers work and target individuals. Especially skilled/repeat abusers. They know what they're doing and they know how to single out people.

All I was trying to say is that IF any of those traits are representative of OP, then she might want to look into ways of telling abusive people from normal people to shield themselves.

You may think I am saying this because it comforts me to believe that abusive victims have targets on their back and that it wouldn't happen to me. No. I am simply saying that I do think adept abusers who have done this before are like wolves and know what they're doing, and trying to get the most targeted individuals to shield themselves.

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