UPDATE: Me [34M] with my girlfriend [31F] of 2 months. She's pregnant and wants us to keep the baby.

Thanks. I just can’t go on with him and I can’t go on with out him. I’m such a loving person. I just want someone to finally love and care for me the way I love for them.... the last guy I was talking with before him was a similar situation. Starting to feel like maybe I’m just unlovable. No matter how hard I tried to be the perfect partner the perfect everything. It still never enough for anyone....idk I’m seriously considering some dark shit I haven’t in a while but I don’t want to do this anymore. I really can’t see myself moving on from anything. Practically my whole life I’ve struggled with depression as is. Recently was recovering from a “depressive” episode I guess and was starting to feel better now this. I’m just done

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