Update: my [33m] wife [25f] constantly makes a conscious effort to humiliate me during my lessons over Zoom

Personality disorders don't just start out of the blue either, though. They're usually hereditary or related to childhood trauma, meaning that the symptoms are usually there from a young age. It affects your thinking and your behaviour and it never "turns off", so disordered patterns would occur very often on a regular basis in reactions to various triggers, not specifically during online lessons.

According to OP, this behaviour is very new and has never occured before, so I think it's more likely that it's a stress reaction or some kind of a mental break. However, it's pointless to diagnose her based on a Reddit post. Yes, she does seem unwell, but no one will know for sure what is behind it until she visits a professional, so all this speculation is doing is perpetuating the heavy stigma that people with personality disorders already have to deal with.

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