UPDATE: My BF’s Best Friend has gone too far with his obsessive behavior this time

No hunny they are simping. You sound like a complete and total nut job. If you have a panic attack because someone is at the door you are the crazy person. If you cut the lights off and cook in the dark because someone you don’t like walks by the house YOU need help not them. You are also way over controlling. You’re just whinny and your own mental illness everyone else’s issues. He’s gonna leave when he realizes how unstable you are and that you isolated him. I wish you nothing but the best but you need to get yourself some professional help. Then you claim his mom hates women because she watched you break up her son and his long time friend. You’re insane and I see through it on this post. Not to mention how you reply to people. It’s clear that your story has some holes and you get very defensive if someone doesn’t agree with you.

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