[update] My brother thinks he’s a TIM.

Also, I realize that many people claim that it's possible for BPDs to change. I see that claim all the time. It's incessant, in fact. Yet for many survivors like me, we can't see any evidence of this happening (and I've known, and know, a good number of people with Borderline. This isn't based on just one interaction).

That doesn't make me, or those who agree with me, "wrong." We are not obligated to view it through the lens of a therapist engaged in helping someone. That's not my job. It's not my moral obligation.

To the extent that those with Borderline engage in that honest hard work and change, that's great. I wish so many young people would be confronted with the hard truth about the hard work they need to do to change it before it calcifies. That would be the best outcome.

But it's not the world I see around me.

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