Update to Philly Cop baiting young guy to get arrested: he's been placed on administrative leave pending investigation.

I think this was a serious attempt at karma farming. My point is they are pointing out the blatantly obvious. Like that is the point of the video and excalty what the viewer is thinking. Why do they need to quote the video and comment on something we all agree with? I think a comment about how to fix all this would be better. But 800 doots and counting for literally quoting the video is crap idc who you are. And the person knows it. They then became aware of another opportunity to get more karma by reaming me because most people on here are just reddit warrios and wouldent really do any real work in life to fix this problem except for comment on reddit for karma or up/down doot lol. You may not see my point but i dont really care. I aint down vote farming as you can tell..lol

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