Update: went to the ER yesterday

I'm not sure who told you bipolar symptoms would get better from losing weight but you have absolutely no understanding of biological or genetic disorders, let alone mental health.

Weight doesn't effect gallstones after already having them and already having a gallbladder removed.

Weight does not effect ovarian cysts and testosterone levels in illnesses such as PCOS. It can help with some symptoms but there is no cure for PCOS.

People were urging me that I was going to die, as in making it an urgent issue that I lose weight. No. I don't have time to exercise, I eat great but I have enough problem getting up in the morning going to the one class I have because I'm so depressed and in so much pain. Psychiatric medication also doesn't help with weight to say the least. So no.

The fact that I am going to die in 2 to 10 years was news to me so yes death is definitely a sensitive issue for me and I'm now having a very bad episode that may lead me to going to the emergency room again for mental health reasons. Which may sound stupid, "People on the internet called me fat!" Well, I'm aware being suicidal over that is dramatic. But here I am.

I know it's in my best interest to lose weight. Also in my best interest to not feel like I can't get out of bed. To not want to kill myself all the time. To not be in constant pain. To not be constantly bleeding out of my vagina. Probably in my best interest to get off of disability assistance I've been on since I was 18 years old, and to be able to go to school that I just spent $1500 a term on. So yeah, maybe I should lose weight. I'd probably be happy and 100% functional if I just lost like 150 lbs. How long does it take to lose that, like maybe 6 months? Honestly if I starve myself that would be a fun game to see if I lost weight or died first.

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