Updated and probably irrelevant overview of Xfinity aligns (spoilers for new tribes)

Thats what I thought.

When I saw that tribe my immediate thought was, "Ohhhh, Spencer and Fischbach" and then trying to analyze who's screwed in what tribe.

I can see Savage and Tasha wiggling their way through a vote or two in Angkor but I think with the knowledge we currently have, having Savage at the bottom and Tasha situated as the second lowest of that tribe isn't unrealistic (But with abi on your tribe, who knows how the tides will turn within a day)

With new TaKeo, I'm interested to see how that plays out too. Kelley with the idol, and going off previous tribes she's in the minority. Though, with joe on your tribe, is it really a concern? I feel like that tribe can walk to the merge in terms of challenges and immunities. I also feel like the only person against Kelley on the tribe might be Kass, and Joe will want to keep with his "Align with the strong" play before getting rid of Terry. IDK, hard to figure out whos on the bottom here. I think a case could be made for just about everyone except Joe.

then new Bayon, Jeremy and Spencer are going to have to do some heavy lifting to keep that tribe away from tribal (Spencer is a bit of a challenge beast I think. Dunno what the general consensus on these boards are). I could see them losing first this wednesday, and then it's a crapshoot. I think Stephen and Spencer will be good friends (especially if I'm reading the chart right). and it looks like Spencer will have Jeremy and Kelly voting with him which gives him 4, so looks like Kimmy is the odd one out here, more than Monica who is pretty good at staying invisible it seems. Guess this tribe breaks down to Spencer, Stephen, Kelly, Jeremy, Monica, Kimmi, 1,2,3,4,5,6. Be kind of a shame if Bayon goes to tribal first. I think they're the least interesting tribe I want to see go. Much rather see how Angkor or New Ta Keo play out.

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