Upsurge in Anti-Catholicism?

I went a non-denominational Christian high school, and their graduation gift to us was a Bible with our names on it. When they asked if anyone wanted a Catholic Bible, I raised my hand and they wrote it down. The Bible they gave me was not only a Protestant one, but it was the Message version (if you don't know it, it's a "modern" translation, but it's awful). When I asked about it, thinking it may have been a mistake, I was berated by the teachers for asking for the "devil's words" and being part of a "devil-worshipping cult that pretends to be a good Christian church."

I felt bad liking this comment. But I am happy that I finally learned how to properly reference a quote in someone's comment.

But yes, the South is culturally horrible when it comes to religion. I can hardly stand their complete inconsistency and ignorance.

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