UQ Young Liberals storm a public library where a Drag Queen is holding a story time for kids.

liberals used to be liberals, but are now racists who want a CCP style dictatorship and do not even hide that. Doing stuff like stepping in to stop academic studies that do further party ideology.

The delay in fire response was as they argued the federal government has no duty to Australia in times of national crisis. They genuinely seemed to feel they are there to serve international entities and not the nation.

Morrison was quite put out a mission to give away our water for generations to come was put back.

They do stuff like secret trials, lists of races, state voice media, imprisoning whistle blowers, government continually breaking the law, and being really corrupt but not Carnegie cause it is legal. And settign up a lot of CCP stuff.

Trump wants to poison your water but doesn't seem to want to sell the USA water supply China, which this lot have somewhat already done.

They do not even value human life.

Good thing is we are still a democracy. We can vote them out.

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