USA 1959 Colorized Pot Roast

This does appear to be a wholesome, happy family, but there are some indications of trouble.

The Chase and Sanborn coffee can behind Mom and the water left running in the sink, could mean that Mom, while preparing dinner in a caffeine fueled frenzy, absent mindedly left the water running which could soon lead to there being water overflowing from the sink to the floor causing a dangerous falling hazard in this seemingly "ideal" kitchen.

Also, there is a hot water bottle, hanging on the wall just above Dad's head which seems to indicate that someone has a malady and is just putting on a brave face for the camera. Maybe the water is running to fill a bucket to clean up the vomit next to the kitchen table from the one requiring the hot water bottle. We can't know for sure, but the kitchen may have had more than the scent of pot roast in the air.

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