USA Want New Phone And Tablet Gaming and Battery Life $1000 MAX Possible decisions? And Questions?

I am more worried about mcroscratches than dropping.

I don't know about gaming but I don't care to use high graphics. I rather like the low end graphics that make games grass look more so just plain green. That is fine by me. But I don't like First Person Shooters or PVP that much. I was thinking of maybe some type of mmorpg not based on random killing... I always liked games like pokemon or the GBA graphics and I like good storylines that these days games really lack quite a lot.

Also I have ATT service. Can that be out on a Pixel 4a? I am still currently thinking of this phone after seeing multiple reviews on it.

In a way I want a better phone and tablet. Assuming they last as long as my currents or rather... Lets say 3 years. That means if I spend 800 it equals about $270 a year which is about $23 a month in addition to my current monthly fees for using my phone. If I just got a phone it would be more so like a $10 increase to my current $40 monthly phone bill. That is how I justify spending so much... Because I consider it a lot of money and I want to make a good choice.

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