I used to think _____ was an awful winner.

Some of these are Hedberg-esque "I still do, but I used to too" picks:

  • Amber: I thought she benefited from an incredibly bitter jury who were punishing Rob more than they were rewarding her. I watched All-Stars for the first time in about five years recently, and guess what? I came to the exact same conclusion as before. Verdict: Still bad.

  • Tom: Upon first viewing, I thought that Tom benefited immensely from the easiest possible form of a pre-merge "game" and Ian losing his mind and quitting in the final immunity challenge. When I watched Palau again, I realized that he did make some important moves to get to the end, even if he did still benefit from Ian's unconventional decision. Verdict: Pretty good, actually.

  • Yul: From the beginning, I thought Yul's idol was unfair. Maybe it was because I liked other characters more than him. In any case, while I think Yul is a relatively good Survivor player, I can't call him a good winner because of how strongly his game was affected by that idol. Verdict: N/A.

  • Natalie White: I thought Russell deserved it more. We've all been dumb. Sue me. A second viewing of Samoa highlighted her perfect social game and how strong a "passive" playing style can be. Verdict: Great winner.

  • Fabio: Oh, Fabio. You beautiful, likable, fun moron. I thought Fabio was the definition of a fluke winner. But I came around when I watched Nicaragua again and noticed how perceptive he was. As he said at the reunion, he "had a couple different characters" that he used to get to the end and win. Verdict: Good winner.

  • Cochran: So much screen time. So many confessionals. I may have let my dislike of how Cochran affected Caramoan's editing blind me from his game, but I find it hard to look past the power of the pre-game alliance to the core of what Cochran really did out there. I still don't think of him as being a particularly good winner. Verdict: Still bad.

  • Tyson: I loved Tyson in his first two seasons, and if he had been a first-timer in Blood vs. Water, I'd probably think a lot more of his game. But he wasn't, and I don't. He took advantage of a lot of the things that were working for him, but he underestimated his grip on Ciera, allowing Hayden to convince her to go to rocks, and he only got through the draw by luck. I find it difficult to reward someone whose game was fragile enough to rest solely on a black-or-white coin flip. Sorry, Tyson. You're the man, but you're not a great winner. Verdict: Still bad, but at least he can finally put rings on his pretty fingers with that million bucks.

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