I used to be an alcoholic, and the biggest drinker of my peers, now I'm one month sober and intend on staying that way, but I'm now the only non-drinker of my friends

I do drink, but I have a lot of friends who don't. I have a couple of tips. Before I start, sorry for the wall of text: I'm on mobile and the app is malfunctioning so my keyboard is hiding what I'm typing :(

One thing I've observed (and done myself when I've been alcohol-free) is that getting a nice non-alcoholic drink to replace alcohol makes you feel much less like you're missing out. Not just like a coke or sprite or something, but like those fancy ass fizzy drinks that make you feel like you've walked into a spenny af restaurant. For example, a mixed pack of Bundaberg sodas, or something from the six barrel soda company. I know some people go for San Pellegrino, or Fever-Tree, or Höpt, or Phoenix, or Deep Spring, or Mac's; I've seen flavours like Feijoa Pear & Elderflower or Lemonade & Rhubarb or Pear & Passionfruit, as well as variations on traditional soft drink flavours. It just reduces the craving to be drinking, and that "little kid" feeling when everyone else has alcohol.

Another thing I find is that I always feel awkward being the sober one in a room of drunk people. What I have realised is that when people are drunk, they don't even realise you're not drinking too. It can take a while to get used to, because people do and say some dumb shit when they're drunk, and when you're sober that can be really frustrating. But the beauty of drunk people is that if you're having a conversation that kind of sucks, you can just go "hey I gotta go do x, back in a sec" and then never return. They've forgotten about you the second you left. Also, if you do or say anything dumb, no-one will remember because they're all too drunk. My friend who never drinks says she loves being around drunk people because it's basically an excuse to just kinda let loose and go nuts, because drunk people aren't judgy.

The other thing that sucks about being sober when others are drunk is that you can end up being the supervisor. Try not to force yourself into that role. You don't have to sort out anyone's drama. If they're in trouble you may feel the need to step in, but remember you're at a party to have fun too. You don't have to be super sensible and looking out for everyone all the time just because you're the only sober one. You haven't agreed to being a party supervisor. Just use your soberpower (sober superpower) if there's a crisis that needs you.

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