I used to date a Red pill guy - untill he dumped me for being "too serious" and "wanting a family" (Directly disproving everything they preach)

Well, this doesn't disprove Red Pill in any way. Red Pill doesn't say that if someones gets a girl like you, they should marry you or something. The most common mistake that people make is that they think red pill is a dating strategy, when in reality it's a lifestyle which offers you some tools which you use to get yourself out of trouble ONLY WHEN NEEDED and not all the time.

So, in your case, maybe he didn't want to reject you somewhere down the line after, say, 3 more years. You said that you were madly in love with him, which means that if he had said no to you for marriage, you would in great pain. Maybe he didn't want all that guilt. Even women do the same when they sense that a guy is being too serious, they just leave coz they want to have more experiences.

I was surprised how you described yourself, you truly are a fantasy girl but that doesn't mean that a guy would marry you. Most men would love to date you, but marriage is altogether a different thing. Even TRP men say that one should avoid marriage at all costs because it comes with a lot of risk. I kinda agree with that but if I get someone great who truly 'loves' me, I would marry her. Maybe he didn't see you that way, maybe he thought that you were too good to be true...

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