User on /pics has his food assistance stipend increased due to quarantine. When users spy a pack of steak in his haul it's free popcorn for everyone (which the Vegans who are also upset can enjoy)

People tend to think that we all get what we "work hard for" and what we "deserve." It's much easier for someone like me to reconcile the idea that I live in a house while other people struggle and suffer without if we're getting what we "deserve." It means the system is "working right." It's a punitive attitude and it's sick and wrong, and I'm appalled daily by the attitudes toward poor people I encounter. Live in a nice suburban neighborhood? Congrats, but you didn't "deserve" it, didn't "work harder" for it than some person at a factory renting an apartment or mobile home - just got lucky is all, and good for those people - wish we could all have nice little things all the time. I'm not living fancy, but I know for a fact lots of people turn up their noses at me because I've been on programs, and gasp the more privileged paid some into those programs. So if I treat myself to a Starbucks or something, then fuck me, right?

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