Users of AT-LP60XBT , do you have any issues with it? I’m looking to get one as my first turntable.


For $219 do you really need to pay $70 more just to have Bluetooth in the turntable than the $149 version without Bluetooth?

Automatic starter turntable with a built in phono stage preamp:

  • AT-LP60X $149 is easy setup beginner plug and play and has some improvements over the older discontinued AT-LP60.

For $10 less a manual starter turntable with a built in phono preamp. Balance the tonearm then set the tracking force:

  • Victrola VPRO-2000 $139 adds adjustable tracking force, a removable cartridge and pitch control over the AT-LP60X.

Better manual turntable for $80 more than the AT-LP60XBT:

  • Fluance RT82 $299 has auto stop and then an optical sensor speed controlled servo motor for lower wow and flutter and speed variation. Pass on the older RT80 and RT81 that lack the new speed sensor. Pass on the RT83 since the cartridge is not any better.

Setup Guide / Signal Path: Turntable > Phono Preamp (separate or built into the turntable or speaker amplification) > Speaker Amplification (separate or built into speakers) > Speakers

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