Using The Bathroom Should Be A Right In School, Not A Privilege

No, you do not understand IBS.

Basically, if you have IBS when you go you need to go right then. It's urgent. All the time. Everytime you need to poop your stomach starts hurting and you feel like you are about to poop yourself. That's what it's like. It's also sometimes diarrhea.

Would you like someone to say you have to hold back diarrhea for 15 minutes? You know how much pain you would be in and you might not be able to hold it.

You're the type of teacher I am talking about in this post. If a student needs to poop let him poop. It's not good for his health to hold it anyway. He has every single right to use the restroom.

I would probably walk out of your classroom and just go to the bathroom if you were gonna make me hold back diarrhea.

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