Using CL to buy Hawks tickets. Seller will take PayPal. Does that protect me from fake tix?

  1. Protection for Buyers. 13.1 Types of Problems Covered. PayPal Purchase Protection (also known as PayPal Buyer Protection) helps you if you encounter either of these problems: You did not receive the item you paid for with PayPal – “Item Not Received” (INR), or You received an item you paid for with PayPal but it is “Significantly Not as Described” (SNAD) (as described below) If your problem is a transaction that you did not authorize, please use this form to report the unauthorized transaction.

An item is “Significantly Not as Described” if it is materially different from what the Seller described in the item listing. Here are some examples: You received a completely different item. For example, you purchased a book and received a DVD or an empty box. The condition of the item was misrepresented. For example, the description when you bought the item said “new” and the item was used. The item was advertised as authentic but is not authentic. The item is missing major parts or features which were not disclosed in its description when you bought the item. You purchased three items from a Seller but only received two. The item was damaged during shipment. An item is not Significantly Not as Described if it is materially similar to the Seller’s item listing description. Here are some examples: The defect in the item was correctly described by the Seller. The item was properly described but you didn't want it after you received it. The item was properly described but did not meet your expectations. The item has minor scratches and was listed as used condition. 13.2 Eligibility Requirements.

To be eligible for PayPal Purchase Protection you must meet all of the following requirements: Pay for the eligible item from your Account. Pay for the full amount of the item with one payment. Items purchased with multiple payments – like a deposit followed by a final payment – are not eligible. Send the payment to the Seller through: the eBay “Pay Now” button or the eBay invoice; or the “Send Money” button of your Account by selecting “eBay Item” and entering your eBay User ID and the eBay item number for purchases on eBay website; or the Send Money tab on the PayPal website, by clicking the “Purchase” tab, or by selecting the “Checkout with PayPal” button or otherwise selecting PayPal as part of a Seller’s checkout flow. Open a Dispute within 180 Days of the date you sent the payment, then follow the online dispute resolution process described below under Dispute Resolution. For Pay After Delivery transactions you must open your Dispute within 180 Days of the date of your transaction. Have an Account in good standing. For items purchased on eBay look for either a PayPal or eBay purchase or buyer protection message in the eBay listing. If you see a message and you meet the eligibility requirements, then your purchase is covered by PayPal Purchase Protection. The purchase or buyer protection message will vary based on the eBay website. The message must appear on the top part of the listing and not under the “Description” or “Shipping and Payments” tabs. If the listing does not include the purchase or buyer protection message, then it is not eligible for PayPal Purchase Protection. 13.3 Ineligible Items. PayPal Purchase Protection only applies to PayPal payments for certain tangible, physical goods. Payments for the following are not eligible for reimbursement under PayPal Purchase Protection: Intangible items, including Digital Goods Services Real estate, including residential property Businesses Vehicles, including motor vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, aircraft and boats Significantly Not As Described issues for Custom-made items Travel tickets, including airline flight tickets Items prohibited by the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy Items which you collect in person or arrange to be collected on your behalf, including items bought through In-Store Checkout at the retail point of sale Purchases made on eBay that violate eBay’s Prohibited or Restricted Items Policy Industrial machinery used in manufacturing Items equivalent to cash, including prepaid or gift cards PayPal Direct Payments Virtual Terminal Payments Personal Payments Even if your payment is not eligible for PayPal Purchase Protection, you can file a Dispute and try to resolve the issue directly with the Seller; however, PayPal will generally not find in your favor if you escalate a Dispute to a Claim for an item which is not eligible for PayPal Purchase Protection.

13.4 Coverage Amount. If you are eligible for PayPal Purchase Protection and PayPal finds in your favor on your Claim, PayPal will reimburse you for the full purchase price of the item and original shipping costs – with no cap on coverage.

PayPal will not reimburse you for the return shipping costs that you incur to return a Significantly Not As Described item to the Seller or other party specified by PayPal. If the Seller presents evidence that they delivered the goods to your address, PayPal may find in favor of the Seller for an Item Not Received claim even if you did not receive the goods.

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