Using a dating app to find someone to shovel out your car

No, I see nothing wrong with it. Whether flirting with a drunk girl or having some dude shovel your car out or charging two thousand dollars for used panties or hooking up with somebody that had just broken up with their girlfriend or boyfriend. That's freedom of choice, and these guys ( and I don't particularly care how lonely, desperate, or vulnerable they may or may not have been) simply did not have to do it.

Out of all the things you listed, you included the flirter, but left out the drunk girls' choice in my example - the choice to get drunk and seduce a random dude flirting with her. That is also 'freedom of choice'.

So as long as you're okay with utilizing the fact that she's making that choice, or in a state where she might make that choice, then we're on the same page.

But I really think you really overestimate desperate/pushover/pathetic/NiceGuyTM dudes. I don't know about what you've been through, but your lack of empathy for them and seeing them as just 'to use and step on and nothing more', makes it seem like you have some kind of vendetta with them.

Not that it's any of my business, but you seem to justify taking advantage of their desperation with the argument that 'they're adults responsible for making their own decisions. And that's where I think you overestimate them by placing the full blame for it on them (and in turn justify what this woman's doing).

Yes, they have free will, but have you ever stopped to think why guys like that think the way they do and make the decisions that they make? And why it takes some so long to realize their methods and efforts are futile?

Well, physical un-attraction is obviously one common thing, but it seems that you know that their suck-up behavior is what plays a lot of the factor. And that could be often attributed to constantly being fed BS with the way they were raised, being told by their parents and friends and fiction-morals, listening to girls talk about what they find 'romantic', and basically taking everything at face value and sucking it up, growing up thinking that's how you win girls over. There you have your average NiceGuyTM, who could probably change in a second if his eyes were opened and he got a reality check, and become better at getting girls and stop pathetically rushing to do favors. If you want, you can still lay the blame entirely on him for 'not thinking for himself'... but then that's where my drunk-girls analogy fits perfectly. How dare he go by what he's constantly being told and taught by society!

Then there are some that are just arrogant douchebags. Those, on the other hand, are entirely responsible for everything they do, and can only help themselves, so, take advantage of them all you want.

But the former? Personally I'd rather see them helped out of their misguided-hole than be taken advantage of for their desperation, but I guess you'd rather be an enabler.

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