(Utah) I have been falsely accused of Rape. What do I do? Never had any issues with the law in my entire life, confused, don't know who to trust. PLEASE help. She has filed a "Rape Claim" and a "Dating Violence Protective Order" despite neither ever happening.

Unlike the trolls above, thank you for your advice. I can't tell if he gave me good advice or not. He just said, "Why would you want to go down there, testify, and then have something be twisted and misconstrued against you? Every thing in court is recorded and they're just waiting for you to say anything that seems mildly incriminating, whether it's true or not. Do you want to see her? Do you want to see her family? The PO is temporary so just let it pass, and then expire. If she claims rape, then we'll have to meet and only if the prosecuting attorney decides to make it a case. Until then there's nothing to worry about. This PO is nothing." That's literally what he said. We spoke three times on the phone, and he said he would notify me if the prosecuting attorney decided to make it a case. I called him again after 3 weeks and he hasn't called me back. Im skeptical and it just makes me think he is maybe waiting for the rape case to take place so that he can be the underdog/come from behind guy and win this big case and get a bunch of money out of me. And it just seemed like a red flag that he was so unprofessional on the phone, and said we didn't need to meet as the temporary PO was "nothing". So yea I probably will get a new attorney.

And yes, yes, yes- hindishight is 20/20. I did not understand the significance of her demanding that- I mean I know pregnancy can occur, but my thoughts were, "I want to marry her. Don't know if it's possible with the parental situation but I love her, she loves me, and part of having sex is kids so if we have a kid we'll end up married probably"- I was more than ok with that. But looking back on it it's a huge statement and involves a lot of control on her part and speaks of a lot of other issues and is definitely a huge red flag. And I'm not lying like these trolls in this thread are claiming- every single thing I said is true, including her 2 demands which I did voluntarily agree to.

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