Is UTD shit??

UTD is pretty good school tbh

i went in 4 CS bachelors n graduate w/ 2.6 gpa, but the schools relationships w/ companies is so good, that i had mutlpile job offers before graduation

upon graduation i was salary of 68k/yr w/ pretty awesome benefits

same w/ the IPP program they have is great 4 internships

UTD employability is overall pretty awesome

where they fall short is kind of like if u lived in san francisco

engineerin has so few women n most the girls around 'dress down' quite a bit with much entitlment

is also a commuter school so its harder 2 make friends here w/ mny ppl will criticize u 4 bein autistic even tho they r as well so lots of pretntsious classmates...

good thing tho is there r so mny asian girls at UTD from china/taiwan, so even tho the white girls r ugly n will give u so much greif the asian girls love u bcuz ur white

they have sumfin called english conversation hour at the office of student volunteerism which is a great way 4 white guys 2 meet asian girls (n get volunteer hours logged lol)

is also bcuz is commuter n so many international students at UTD, the student body is rly fragmented; if ur international ull have a small group of friends 2 hang out w/

the athiest club on campus is full on fedora lgbt degnerates lol 1 guy literally L I T E R A L L Y wore a dog collar in that club lol

regardin acadmeics n skills is not so much useful, it was more like a nice long vacation, kind of a waste of time; i learned more skills from internships n hacking video games then actually from my coursework; most coursework cud b completed while drunk...

some professors r tough, n if u get 1 of those, just fail the course n retake it w/ a diff professor

im 99% sure the professors wont fail u the 3rd time u take the course even if its obv u shud fail, UTD will pretty much gaurentee pass u lol (bcuz the 3 time retake rule 4 texas lol)

things i wud have been helpful 2 no b4 going there: always A L W A Y S beg 4 a hire grade by email the pforessor, they will almost always give u a slightly better grade

also UTD is the best deal on state school in Texas so yea overall UTD is pretty awesome, id rate my experience like a 8/10

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