Utility lands that win you the game?

[[Glacial Chasm]] Don't know how many times I've seen someone go all out to kill the board, forgetting I can't take damage.

Then I double tap my [[Gaea's Cradle]] assisted by [[Deserted Temple]] and [[Field of the Dead]] then [[Alchemist Refuge]], [[Buried Ruin]]/[[Inventors Fair]] my [[Oblivion Stone]], blow up the board, return [[Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar]] from my grave bouncing [[Glacial Chasm]] and cast it using [[Cavern of Souls]], then make a copy of [[Dark Depths]] with [[Thespian Stage]]. Start my turn and smash in with flying and trample. If they're still alive I replay the chasm and pass turn. If I get into trouble maybe I sac to [[Altar of Dementia]] or [[Miren, the Moaning Well]].

I love lands...

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