UTSA CS program and Financial Aid Questions.

The regular cs track (software engineering etc) is fairly average compared to most equivalent colleges. Having gotten a>Hello i'm a prospective student from Texas. Iv'e read a lot of good things online including the CS cyber security program being ranked #1 in the nation by some pros. As well as undergrads easily finding Federal CS jobs because of high demand (iv'e been growing increasingly interested in perhaps trying to go for a government job FBI, CIA etc.. as i find it interesting) So the reason I posted this is i'm interested in hearing directly from a students perspective. So if anyone can take the time i'd be much obliged, if you could share your experience and or opinion on UTSA's CS program or UTSA in general.

Also being a high school senior and totally ignorant on the topic iv'e just recently (yesterday) received my Financial Aid Award package via ASAP (also iv'e already been accepted). According to ASAP the total cost per year is about $23,600 per year (living on campus ) and I got basically all I could get, as iv'e been told, in grants as my EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) is $0. However according to this i'll have to get about $6,000 in loans per year half of them unsubsidized, assuming I get work-study which I do plan to get (I have no idea how it works though). My question is how accurate is this? I felt this was the best place to ask as asking students would help best.

Also i'm planning on attending Spring UTSA Day on March 28. I'm planning to check out housing and probably do the housing application but I've been waiting to check them out for real. Any recommendations on housing, or things I should check out?

Also thanks in advance.

degree in another state, but now working for utsa so getting reduced price tuition, have taken a few classes. In my opiniin, they tend to be a lot easier on students here, which can be a bad thing, learning wise, unless you push yourself to go the extra mile. Utsa is a leader on cyber security though, so is recommended if you're looking to go that route.

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