Utterly brave woman's solo BLM protest in Bethel Ohio--The utter bravery of this woman's solo BLM protest to stand up against racists who are 3 times her width. A lone woman has her first amendment rights stomped on by a rabid crowd while she protests against police brutality in Bethel Ohio#BLM

"UtTeRlY BrAvE" bunch of fuckin pussies. Y'all don't even know what you're marching for anymore. I am for racial equality. But tell me what your obtainable goal is, cause I haven't gotten an answer yet. "We're marching for equality!" How do you know when you have it? "When they change legislation!" How do you obtain that? "When they reform police academy and education!" How do you know when that is reached?? As soon as y'all figured out you didn't have those answers you moved on to "trans black lives matter!". Like, it never ends. How about the Antifa's "Chaz" area as people are calling it? Its literally an occupied zone thats doing everything you call intolerable. I know I'm coming out strong with this cause I'm over this shit, but I am absolutely all for civil discussion whether or not I phrased what I did above the way I did. Please answer my questions so I can finally get some answers.

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