Is UVA the least diverse T-14?

Exactly. They are not looking for multidimensional diversity. The problem is their claim for why they promote "diversity" is to foster the 'most varying array of opinions and worldviews among classmates' or something along those lines. They do NOT do that.

How are you going to have a serious discussion about criminal law with no criminals in your class? How are you going to discuss the ethics of foreign policy without foreign combatants in your class? How are you going to discuss maritime law without veteran pirates? Hate speech without hate speakers? Do you see my point? Everyone in class has basically the same worldview. There is NO diversity of thought.

Law schools use diversity of thought to justify their existence and the necessity of obtaining a JD in order to take the bar in most states. They say you can't teach yourself the law because you will miss out on the "diversity or opinion". However, you are also not going to get diversity of opinion from law school.

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