v10.20: Bug and Unannounced Changes Megathread

Explanation: Jet Lag (Game Freeze) when starting up a match. (Also Jet Lag when DBNO. *Tried to move but stuttering has involved)

Further Explanation: Whenever i tried to start up a match. The game freezes for about 5-8 Seconds and then goes back to normal. Out of the past seasons... This one is alot more problematic than i can expect. It started within v10.10.

Additionally: When playing Modes that allow DBNO. You tried to move. But instant stuttering when trying to escape from enemies. (Only happens when you get knocked down.) Ping isnt affected during the time.

If reproducible, how: For the Jet Lag in Lobbies. Pick any mode and then start the queue. It will freeze.

As for the DBNO. Play Duos, Squads or any mode that involves the DBNO Feature and if you’re knocked down. Try to move.

Platform: Nintendo Switch

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