V21453(a) San Francisco - Ignore, pay or fight?

They may have. But did you try going here:


Often, the payment and extension system are the same.

Online it says full bail amount must reach the court by the due date so can I drop off the TBWD request with check

They generally have a drop box. If you're going this route, remember you're only pleading not guilty and asking for the TBWD instructions, not doing the TBWD itself. Still, in an automated red light case, the officer does tend to complete his portion and be there in court because he's usually assigned to those specific duties. You may wanna take a look at the video just to see what it looks like.

Its definitely not advisable to ignore it unless there's information you're aware of for certain the San Francisco isn't enforcing these. Its usually a $300 civil assessment and a hold on your license.

One thing to note, San Francisco does participate in an online fee reduction request so tha cold be an option as well.

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