[VA] Complaining on coworkers who aren’t doing their job by pretending to be a customer complaining via email and to avoid retaliation

Nah walking away gives the bullies Satisfaction. I’m going to make them pay for their sins. They want to leave early and make me work more for no extra pay covering their shift, nah, not interested. And then to condescendingly and rudely talk to me like I’m a dumbass because I’m younger and I haven’t driven as long? I’ll put them in their place and show them that age and seniority doesn’t make you Royal king. I respect respect for elders. I don’t respect condescending and douche bag older people. They would literally smirk as they got off early knowing that I’m doing extra work for them and they’re getting paid the same. And then they yelled when I told them that they’re doing their job wrong. That pissed me off

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