Vaccinated but won't go out? The rise of Covid anxiety syndrome

No one I know IRL is hesitating to get back to normal post-vaccination. Reading the responses, it seems like this sub is increasingly populated by people who have covid anxiety

Anecdotes, it's different for everyone

Me personally, people I know who have been taking COVID quite seriously but have now passed the full-vaccination mark are a mixed bag:

  • Some feel a little bit of anxiety and are kind of easing into things
  • Some are just going all in and resuming as much of their previous life as possible
  • Some are still essentially not doing anything until way more people have gotten vaccinated
  • I think especially the ones who are the most anxious are the my coworkers with children (who of course can't get vaccinated yet)

So, yeah, there's a fair bit of anxiety IRL, it's varied.

I was pretty serious about COVID, but after my 2nd dose I've definitely become part of the 2nd group just rushing right back into things like indoor dining/indoor gym/gatherings -- I'm generally a pretty all-or-nothing person when it comes to most things lol

I can understand people still being anxious though

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