A vaccine for Lyme disease is in its final clinical trial

Did I link out to one single vendor? At all? I could literally recommend 8 separate sites if you want. BPC-157 isn't even a drug that's patentable since it's taken a fragment of a protein produced by the body naturally in the stomach. I have no horse in the race of who you buy from, there are so many vendors selling it it doesn't matter who you buy it from.

I don't have any affiliation with any company selling bpc, and offered zero recommendations for vendors. Nor will I unless someone specifically requests a vendor I have used myself in the past.

I have medical conditions myself and have taken it to treat a variety of things that were wrong with me, and it has helped immensely. I posted a link to an NIH study which is from the national institute of health, which is a US government run program.

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